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way to execute M&A.

By improving data usage and processes across the entire lifecycle of an M&A transaction, helps corporate M&A professionals operate more efficiently, make smarter decisions, and scale their operations.

Concrete benefits from day one

Tailored to corporate M&A teams and private finance market participants (PE firms, private debt, VCs, and M&A advisors), with applications far beyond.

Manage all your projects and transactions in one place. Find all data instantly with advanced search. Generate Private Equity and Debt playbooks with no hassle using smart playbooks.

Oversight roles

Facilitate global M&A projects with complete visibility to teams, approvals, and overall execution

Execution teams

Save time and get smarter by automating tasks, extracting insights from data, and finding info fast


More consistent experience with reduced timelines, clearer process, and improved communication


Create an
M&A practice
that scales

Bring your entire deal lifecycle on to a single solution, allowing you to take efficiency and data-usage in sourcing, deal execution, and integrations to the next level.

Senior team members, partners and managing directors, can get clear oversight of progress of transactions. See detailed audit trails of transaction completion.

Pipeline tracking

Centralised database for all of your counterparty data. Information is never lost across team members or platforms

Project work

Execute work and collaborate efficiently with Smart Playbooks. Track signoffs from decision makers and generate audit trails

Data management

Information always at hand with powerful search. Extract insights from data and create automatic reports and deal dashboards


Leverage ML /AI to use your data

A collection of advanced machine learning models are introduced to enable features that allow deal makers to get smart fast, operate efficiently, and scale their operations.

Automatically generate tags for Investment Committee (IC) Memos, Excel Models, Legal Documents (e.g. security docs) to allow them to be found easily. Use NLP and clustering to make sure related files are available at your finger tips.

Lightning fast search

Global search across all permissioned data, driven by auto tagging of all data and clustering of related documents

Smart playbooks

Automating manual parts of project management by identifying playbooks and predicting next steps

Information extraction

Extraction of key insights, sentiment, and lessons learned from your data to think a step ahead

Resource allocation

Unlock bottlenecks by optimising resource allocation


Security and data protection at the forefront

We enforce strict security standards and access controls to ensure the owner has full control over their data. All learning by the solution stays within the client organisation and is never shared onwards.

Enterprise level security encrypting data with AES 256 and keys with RSA. Compliant with industry standards ISO 27001, SOC2. Prepared for the next generation of post quantum cryptography algorithms (BIKE, KYBER).

Secure access via
2-factor authentication

Secure access protocols for session management. Sensitive API keys are stored in encrypted secrets managers

Encrypted session traffic (TLS, HTTPS, WSS)

Requests are sent over encrypted channels, with all traffic cryptographically signed

AES 256 / RSA encrypted cloud data

Client data is encrypted and stored in protected cloud storage buckets. All data and learning stays with the client

Compliance with industry standards

Third party cyber security audits, certifications, and testing will be obtained and regularly reviewed


Backed by deep sector knowledge in private market finance & enterprise software.

Tennis player turned Structured Credit Trader turned CEO.

Heini Salonen, CEO

After playing tennis competitively for all her youth, Heini decided to study in the US with the aim of working on Wall St after graduation. Heini ended up working in various investment roles for over a half a decade, however obsessed with complex problems, bringing order into chaos, and building things from scratch, she was determined to become an entrepreneur. With the right co-founder and idea discovered, was founded. 

In order to maximize her energy levels, Heini frequently moves around with her camper van, as well as goes climbing, cycling, and skiing.

Quantitative Finance (Derivatives Quant) with a passion for technology, now streamlining private finance transactions

Matthew Jones, CTO

Having spent 7 years building scalable technology systems for a number of finance firms, Matthew got fully bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and founded with Heini. A nerd at heart, he's passionate about building the best software and keeping up to date with the latest technologies. 

When he's not building the next big thing, he's either obsessing over 90's cars, playing rugby or practicing guitar.

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